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Meet Shaheen Afridi’s Wife: A Glimpse into Their Love Story

Shaheen Afridi: Rising Cricket Star

In the world of cricket, Shaheen Afridi has established himself as a young and promising fast bowler. Hailing from Pakistan, Afridi burst onto the international cricket scene with his impressive performances and raw talent. He has quickly become a vital component of the Pakistani cricket team, known for his lethal pace, swing, and ability to take crucial wickets.

Shaheen Afridi’s Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born on April 6, 2000, in Khyber Agency, Pakistan, Shaheen Afridi was destined for cricket greatness from a young age. Raised in a family that cherished the sport, Afridi’s passion for cricket was evident early on. He honed his skills playing street cricket and caught the attention of local coaches with his natural talent.

Afridi’s journey to professional cricket began when he was selected to represent Pakistan at the ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup in 2018. His standout performances in the tournament, including a memorable five-wicket haul against Ireland, catapulted him into the spotlight. Soon after, he was picked up by the Lahore Qalandars franchise in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), where he continued to impress with his pace and skill.

Rapid Rise to International Stardom

Afridi made his international debut for Pakistan in April 2018 in a T20 match against the West Indies. His Test debut followed later that year against New Zealand, where he showcased his potential with a five-wicket haul. Since then, Afridi has been a regular fixture in the Pakistani cricket team across all formats, consistently delivering match-winning performances.

One of the highlights of Afridi’s career came during the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup, where he emerged as one of Pakistan’s standout performers. His ability to generate pace, seam movement, and bounce troubled some of the best batsmen in the world. Afridi’s memorable spell against Bangladesh, where he took a six-wicket haul, further solidified his reputation as a rising star in world cricket.

Off the Field: Shaheen Afridi’s Personal Life

Beyond the cricket field, Shaheen Afridi leads a private life, away from the limelight. However, his fans are always eager to learn more about the person behind the cricketer. One aspect of Afridi’s life that has garnered significant interest is his romantic relationship with his long-time girlfriend, now wife, Ebba Qureshi.

Ebba Qureshi: The Woman Behind the Man

Ebba Qureshi, a Swedish national of Pakistani descent, first met Shaheen Afridi during his early cricketing days. The couple’s love story blossomed over time, with Qureshi becoming Afridi’s pillar of support through the ups and downs of his career. Despite their cultural and geographical differences, Afridi and Qureshi’s bond grew stronger, eventually leading to a decision to tie the knot.

In a private ceremony attended by close friends and family, Shaheen Afridi and Ebba Qureshi exchanged vows, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. The couple’s wedding pictures and videos circulated on social media, captivating fans who were delighted to witness this personal milestone in Afridi’s life.

Life as a Cricket Couple: Balancing Love and Career

For Shaheen Afridi and Ebba Qureshi, navigating life as a cricket couple comes with its challenges and rewards. Afridi’s rigorous training schedules, international tours, and media commitments can often keep him away from home for extended periods. In such times, Qureshi steps in as a source of strength and encouragement, standing by Afridi’s side through thick and thin.

Despite the distance and time apart, Afridi and Qureshi make it a priority to cherish their moments together, celebrating milestones, victories, and simple joys as a couple. Their relationship serves as a reminder that love transcends boundaries and cultures, bringing two individuals together in a shared journey of love and companionship.

Shaheen Afridi and Ebba Qureshi: A Love Story for the Ages

As Shaheen Afridi continues to make waves in the world of cricket, his partnership with Ebba Qureshi stands as a testament to the power of love and unity. Their love story, marked by mutual respect, understanding, and unwavering support, inspires fans and well-wishers around the world.

In Afridi’s rise to cricketing stardom, Ebba Qureshi remains a constant presence, offering love, warmth, and stability in a world filled with uncertainties. Together, they embody the essence of a modern-day power couple, balancing passion, ambition, and romance with grace and humility.


1. Who is Shaheen Afridi’s wife?
Shaheen Afridi’s wife is Ebba Qureshi, a Swedish national of Pakistani descent. The couple got married in a private ceremony attended by close friends and family.

2. How did Shaheen Afridi and Ebba Qureshi meet?
Shaheen Afridi and Ebba Qureshi met during Afridi’s early cricketing days. Their love story began to flourish, eventually culminating in marriage.

3. Where is Ebba Qureshi from?
Ebba Qureshi is of Swedish nationality with Pakistani heritage.

4. What role does Ebba Qureshi play in Shaheen Afridi’s life?
Ebba Qureshi is a pillar of support for Shaheen Afridi, offering love, encouragement, and stability as he navigates his cricketing career.

5. How do Shaheen Afridi and Ebba Qureshi balance their personal and professional lives?
Shaheen Afridi and Ebba Qureshi prioritize their moments together, celebrating milestones and supporting each other through the challenges of Afridi’s cricketing career.

6. Are Shaheen Afridi and Ebba Qureshi active on social media?
While Shaheen Afridi maintains a low profile on social media, Ebba Qureshi occasionally shares glimpses of their life together on her public profiles.

7. Do Shaheen Afridi and Ebba Qureshi have any children?
As of now, Shaheen Afridi and Ebba Qureshi do not have any children.

8. How do fans react to Shaheen Afridi and Ebba Qureshi’s relationship?
Fans and well-wishers of Shaheen Afridi admire his relationship with Ebba Qureshi, praising the couple for their love, commitment, and mutual respect.

9. What is Shaheen Afridi’s next upcoming tournament?
Shaheen Afridi is expected to feature in various upcoming cricket tournaments, representing Pakistan at the international level.

10. Are there any joint projects or initiatives that Shaheen Afridi and Ebba Qureshi are involved in?
While there are no official joint projects or initiatives involving Shaheen Afridi and Ebba Qureshi at the moment, the couple’s partnership serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing the power of love and unity in the face of challenges.

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