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The Best Beer from Iceland: RateBeer com

Sold mainly in bottles or on tab , the original Kaldi is a blonde lager beer but brewed in the famous Pilsner tradition, so it is classified as such. The beer is a blonde copper golden color with a soft filling of roasted malt, slightly bitter but very gentle. Picture it- you’re at the bar in a busy little Icelandic pub, looking over the taps, and everybody’s got a frothy golden pint of Víking.

Then there is the delicious Artic Pale Ale and a tasty toasted Porter. With a passionate staff you know that you are in safe hands when you see the Einstök label. Look out for the distinctive Viking head motif and you can’t go far wrong. It’s a bar always full of locals which we always feel is a good sign and they have upwards of 14 craft beers at any given time.

Úlfur is just one of dozens of beers produced by Borg Brugghus, a craft brewery that started delighting the palates of Icelanders in 2010 and now has its own bar. With a drinking age of 20, tons of people show up to drinking events throughout the year. So here’s a handy list of some of the drinking festivals that take place in Iceland, along with some of the more popular bars to visit with your friends.

Despite the number of breweries, the lager beers Víking and Gull (owned by Ölgerðin) are still consistently the most sold lagers in Iceland. Kex Hostel ​is one of the most popular bars in Reykjavik- and is also the host of the Beer Festival! Situated in an abandoned biscuit factory, the building is an eatery and hostel as well as a bar. Live gigs are always playing nights at the bar, with several up-and-coming Icelandic artists making their way through Kex. Some bars have their own imposed ages for entry, usually either 21 or 22. Keep this in mind if you’re on the fringe in terms of age, as you might need to plan ahead a bit.

Because of that passion- you can enjoy this and many of their other beers right outside of your own Bubble, as they’re just in our backyard! Make sure to book ahead to tour the brewery, and walk right over to try one of their award winning brews. The most notable thing about this stout is its scent; the aroma of strong, freshly made coffee is a powerful punch and a good indicator of how refreshing this beer is. In terms of flavour, the theme of coffee is continued, with elements of burned sugar and chocolate joining the party. The coffee used in the production of Surtur Nr. 47 is, in fact, roasted by Iceland’s most popular cafe, Te & Kaffi, outlets of which can be found across the country. Bríóis another Borg Brugghús beer, that can be found on tap in many bars.

Covering the tastiest brews , some useful beer hacks and a little more about Beer Day. The Gaedingur stout is one of the most famous dark beer brands in Iceland. It is a flavorful icelandic stout which is totally unfiltered so there is no flavor loss. Stouts are a dark beer made using roasted malts or roasted barley, hops, water and yeast. There are numerous styles of stouts ranging from Dry Stouts, to Porters, and Oyster stouts. It is one of the most famous stout beer brands and It is a really good deal at only 1000 kroner a pint .

This website uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages. We could classify Kaldi as a pure form of pilsner with all its ingredients coming from Czech except for the water which is Icelandic. The alcohol content of this exotic mac utility homebrew finally gets native beer is found to be 5%. You could notice some big bubbles along with a milder carbonation. It would give us an exotic honey-like smell although a more pleasant punch of hops could also be felt. This could be the reason why this is continuing to be the best selling beer on draught within the country.