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RoloDoc Social Media App

Cuban went up to shake their hands and tell them it was the “worst ever pitch” on Shark Tank. The business idea was poorly executed but this was incredibly rude by Cuban. Risks for RoloDoc include competition from other platforms such as UrgentMD and apps that do similar things. The business model is to get doctors to download the app and install it on their hospital computers. The app makes it easier for patients to schedule appointments with physicians, ask questions, and send direct text messages to doctors. The Sharks did not see potential in the concept of a new social media network for healthcare and the founders were unable to continue with the project.

Mark Cuban in particular was getting frustrated as the founders were just using buzzwords and didn’t seem to have a business plan. The getting repeating the phrase “social media” which annoyed the Sharks. The Amini brothers were inspired to change the traditional way that medical professionals communicate with patients. They wanted to change how doctors sent emergency messages through pagers.

The Sharks were really struggling to understand how the app was any different from just picking up the phone and making a call, which was still more reliable than using the app. The Amini brothers kept mentioning the term ‘social media,’ which infuriated the Sharks. There were many flaws with their idea as they had no idea how they would make any money off it.

As for the concept of loading medical records onto the site, they never convinced the Sharks that beating becomes popular programming language says was secure and respected patient confidentiality. There was also no way to verify if the doctors who joined were actually doctors. “What we’re trying to do is bring social media and the social network to the medical profession,” said Albert Amini.

Barbara Corcoran also called it the worst sales presentation she had ever heard and did not want to invest. By the end of the pitch, the brothers were completely annihilated and received no funding for Rolodoc. A pair of doctor brothers from Tucson, Ariz. found themselves swimming in a tank full of sharks Friday night.

After the show aired, there was no positive response to Rolodoc as it had not even had strong approval from any doctors. The vision failed for RoloDoc because the founders themselves were not passionate enough to make the app work and that is why they could not impress even one shark with their start-up. It was instead with the intention of branding the two brother’s pitch as the worst that he had ever heard.

Check back onShark Tank Sugarfor everything Shark Tank including who is who, updates on your favorite entrepreneurs, and facts about the investors and guest sharks. Robert and Barbara also expressed their doubts and Kevin ultimately decided not to invest. However, the Sharks found the concept of RoloDoc to be problematic, with Lori stating it was a liability nightmare and Mark criticizing the lack of demonstration of social media. The brothers developed the platform with the help of software experts while balancing their training, families and professional development. RoloDoc is no longer in business as its founders didn’t give a tough fight to the challenges that came on their journey. List of episodesThis is a list of episodes from the fifth season of Shark Tank.