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Python vs Other Programming Languages: Go, JS, Node.js, Java, Ruby, PHP, R, C++, C#

R comes with a console, syntax highlighting editors, and other useful tools such as plotting, history, debugging, workspace management. Before we dive in, let’s talk about popularity among data scientists. The Developer Survey in 2018 conducted by Stack Overflow revealed that Python was the most popular programming language, followed by Java and Javascript.

According to 2021’s results, the number one programming language is C. However, Python has never been so close to hitting the first position – the bridge between these two is only 0.16%. In fact, C ratings recorded a decline from 20.24% in June 2001 to 11.83% in September 2021.

To conclude, the TIOBE index is a useful source because it analyzes the most used programming languages – rather than the best ones. If you need to make a strategic decision for a new project, this index is a starting point for an overview of programming languages’ demand and evolution. Python programs are fully memory-managed by the Python runtime, so developers don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty of allocating and freeing memory.

You could program in Smalltalk, but you’d have to pay a lot of money. “Python, which started as a simple scripting language, as an alternative to Perl, has become mature,” TIOBE says in announcing its new rankings. ZDNet reports [pii_email_1606b61a08e6a2cf4db9]. that Python “is now the most popular language, according to one popularity ranking.” Create and install the most recent version into a virtual environment so it won’t interfere with any other languages installed on your system.

It demands the user to follow specific programming rules like using curly brackets and semicolons at the end of a statement. In contrast, Python doesn’t feature such programming rules. These days, data science is an integral part of a growing number of people’s jobs. The increased availability of data, the importance of analytics-driven decisions, and powerful computing in business make data science a huge deal in the tech world. If you’re after a website, a blog, or a simple web service, the end result will most likely be the same whether you go with Python, PHP, or any other leading web development technology. You shouldn’t be able to notice any difference in terms of performance, speed, or user design.

Python also has what it takes to handle software products for big businesses—fintech, in particular. Python code doesn’t need to be compiled before being run. Java code, on the other hand, needs to be compiled from code readable by humans to code readable by the machine.