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Other types are easily found at Vitacost. I am working to make my own deodorant, dishsoap, laundry softner, the assorted household cleaners and I hope to octagon soap ingredients be able to kick proctor and gamble out my house for good. I’ve been told by several people with sensitive skin that Fels Naptha works great for them.

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Unknownsaid…I have a few bars of this soap, 7 oz. Had them for several years and always kept them in an old tin. While cleaning my basement I decided to research this soap and was amazed it was selling for $48.00 a bar and more.

I’m not sure how it would react…..but you could try it. Essential oils are VERY strong, so you won’t need much. I’ve been using Ivory and the scent is very nice – so if you use that you might not need a scent. Also, if you use dryer sheets or fabric softener then you will get nice pretty smells there. 🙂 Here are some articles on fabric softener and dryer sheets.

We don’t know exactly why you should try Octagon, but all we know is that Octagon is a soap that doesn’t feel like soap. It smells like a perfume, and it’s just not the same as the real thing. The first step to making soap was actually making it from animal fat. That gave soap a much more long-lasting, lasting, and gentle texture and a much lower cost than other products like soaps made from plant or mineral.

They carry traditional items like 20 Mule Team Borax and Colgate’s Octagon Soap. If the mom & pop store does not carry Octagon soap quite often they will accommodate a customer by ordering it. I really like not having to resort to lots of different chemical items for household tasks. I really like having low-tech items available to do my usual jobs. I really like being able to buy inexpensive but quality items. Look for Borax and Octagon soap at the store, and buy lots of vinegar and baking soda while you’re there.

Anonymous said…I remember having to use Octagon Dish soap a lot when I was a girl in the 1980’s. My turn for dishes was every three days or so..(I had 2 sisters and we all took turns.) Well, every time it was my turn I always had red itchy burning bumps from my wrists to my elbows. I wonder what ingredient is in Octagon that Dawn and Ivory doesn’t have. Looking back I believe I have an allergy to this particular soap. The other alternative, after checking Sam’s & Walmart etc, and looking at online websites, is to find a mom & pop small grocery store in your area.

It was invented around 3000 BC, and it was used as a treatment for wounds and cuts, and as a preservative. It was made from animal fat, so it was much cheaper and easier to produce. Italiasaid…I have been looking for Brown soap for about ten years. I used it for poison ivy and shampoo and dish soap when I ran out. It was the household remedy for poison ivy exposure.

Heated from below by a fire, the contents of the tub would be stirred with a paddle. Until the 1940’s, this was a common way of washing bedclothes which people wanted white and spotfree. But Octogon soap is mild enough to be used as a hand soap if one is not very concerned about skin softness. The site said Colgate’s Octagon Soap can also be used as a laundry detergent and dish detergent. When we wash dishes, we place the bar in the basin and run water.