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Non-Toxic Tea Kettle Not Made in China

For this test, it is important to note that they used tomato sauce rather than water, but the results are such that it makes us nervous considering tea is something we drink daily. Unless otherwise specified, it’s not a good idea to brew tea inside a kettle. Tea kettles are pretty much solely designed to heat water. Placing tea bags cricket team names or loose-leaf tea inside a kettle can leave stains and lingering smells, and the acids in tea can potentially damage the kettle itself. Pouring hot water over tea in a teapot is a superior alternative that will produce a much better flavor. If you use a stovetop kettle on a gas burner, you may end up with some pesky burn marks.

You may need to use a dish towel or hot pad when taking the kettle off the burner. With their narrow, sloping spouts, gooseneck kettles offer added control when pouring. This makes them an especially useful option for making pour-over coffee or brewing with another manual method, such as a French press or Chemex.

Figuring out what size you need is straightforward — multiply the capacity of your favorite cups in ounces or milliliters by the maximum number of people served. This is mostly because foreign-made (especially China-made products) can contain ceramic coatings that are unregulated. These coatings can potentially contain toxic levels of heavy metals .

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As you start your search for a new electric kettle, we thought it might be helpful to give you a little bit of a buying guide to get started. After all, a good cup of hot tea is serious business. OXO generally manages to strike a balance between function and form, but oof, this kettle is so utterly homely, it might as well be electric.