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Keto Bulletproof Tea Recipe

Thus, it depends upon the type of tea you are picking for yourself. If you are someone who needs tea loaded with sugar and coffee, then you need to change the pattern of your tea preparation as per keto diet norms. Alternatively, if you don’t have a milk frother, you can use a blender for our lightning tea recipe! If you fancy a cold latte, cool the tea and add ice to the blender. For a food to be keto-friendly, it must be low in net carbs and high in fat.

The quality is amazing and it’s packed with antioxidants. They have so many great flavors, but I stick to black most of the time. The key component of Keto Coffee, the MCT oil is the mainstay in making this coffee effective. Though many of the benefits of MCT oil have been discussed above, however, it is not only through a coffee that you can reap the advantages of this oil. A simple addition of MCT oil to your diet can result in a positive impact on the hunger hormones, metabolism, and inflammation reduction. In order to make this oil a part of your diet other than your coffee, you can sprinkle it over cooked meat and veggies or mix it with snacks and spreads.

Otherwise might switch up my matcha and try a bulletproof version as it’s been just as long since having one of those. Hi Carol, I think you should be able to use coconut oil in the recipe. MCT oil is a highly concentrated source of medium-chain triglycerides that is derived from coconut oil. Since keto coffee boosts your energy, it also helps you work out better by providing a good supply of energy. By enabling you to exercise longer and improve stamina, keto coffee boosts your workout as well. Though extremely healthy, making the perfect concoction of keto coffee in India that is impactful is a tricky deal.

If you doing a fat fast, then it won’t break your fast during your closed eating window. The popular Indian version of grass-fed shoe brand name generator butter contains short-chained fatty acid, Butyrate. This compound contains the optimum ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids.

Our recipe uses butter, oil, and caffeine-rich tea to provide a creamy and deep flavor without adding too many carbohydrates and sugars. With black tea, you could even make a keto tea latte by using a milk frother with your non-dairy milk! If you want to bump the fat levels further, try adding a small amount of coconut oil too.

Use a milk frother to blend it all up, until frothy and rich. Pick any of our hot tea pyramids for easy brewing. This butter has that lovely cream-rich butter taste, but with more nutrients than standard butter, and it’s made by allowing cows to feast on grass rather than grains. Boosts the growth of healthy gut bacteria and form metabolites that help to control liver energy metabolism.

Since MCT oil and grass-fed butter are quality oils, they help you feel satiated for longer. This feeling of fullness helps your mind stay away from mid-meal snacking, thereby helping you stick to the diet you follow. Including keto coffee in your daily regimen has some exceptional benefits. This low-carb, high-fat diet is not easy to sustain, but it sure has some delicious components that make all this effort worthwhile.

Spicy Masala Chai is a popular morning tea and it’s great for our lightning tea recipe and latte blends as it’s full of warming spices. 1 although the health benefits of keto tea could help to prevent this . When you feel great, it’s easier to accomplish even more in your day. The caffeine and catechins, like epigallocatechin gallate , in green tea are linked to fat burning. BHB encourages your body to use ketone bodies produced from fatty acids for energy instead of the protein in muscle or glucose.

MCT oil refers to the Medium-chain triglycerides, with the medium-chain referring to the tail of triglycerides. This shortened tail means the body can break down MCTs faster than the long-chain triglycerides usually found in food. MCTs are basically found in four strains, namely the Caproic Acid , Caprylic Acid , Capric Acid and Lauric Acid .