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Iron + Grain Coffee House adds third location in Silvis

Iron and Grain Coffee House serves up coffee crafted from bean roasted in-house. Enjoy your choice of coffee, cocoa, pour overs, or tea paired with breakfast, baked goods, lunch, or snacks. Grab your cup at the drive through or sip while you stroll through the handmade furniture by Streamline Artisans. “There’s a lot of ancillary spin off that can go forward. What I’m hoping is that we see more people coming in and it will benefit all of the small businesses,” says Tunnicliff.

That history still remains for all who visit this unique space to see. In fall 2019, they added Iron + Grain (585 12th Ave., East Moline), a roasted in-house coffee company, and a retail store to display Streamline’s handmade furniture items designed by Streamline Artisans. Iron + Grain Coffee House opened last June at 1818 N. Main St., Davenport, which has drive-through and dine-in.

Iron + Grain gives customers relief from their daily stresses by providing a great ambiance, a convenient location, friendly customer service, and excellent coffee. Iron + Grain Coffee House is located inside The Rust Belt, a car manufacturing company that has been turned into a rising area for local businesses. The coffee house features exposed brick walls and concrete floors.

“It was really crazy adapting to all the different challenges and all the supply chain issues and all that other crazy stuff. But somehow, someway with these employees and really good customers, we’ve been surviving and it’s been awesome. So, we’re still happy to still be here,” said Hogg. We offer clothing for women, men, kids, as well as pregnant and nursing mothers. The landmark castle-shaped White Castle in the Indiana town will be replaced with a newer, larger, more modern White Castle restaurant.

Here are some all-weather options for your little one to burn off some energy, in spaces that won’t interfere with others. Meanwhile, Dasso nespresso vertuo tea pods has closed the East Moline location for renovations, to take about three more weeks. That includes moving of equipment and new flooring.