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How to Prevent Chafing at the Beach

The combination of hot weather, sea salt, and sand is a friction nightmare. Playing in the ocean is fun but it causes a lot of sand and saltwater to gather up on your skin. This will cause leg chafing before the day is through. One of the easiest ways to stop this from happening is to rinse off throughout the day. After you’ve cleaned yourself up from the salt water in the ocean, apply some baby powder.

To avoid the burn, avoid baggy clothing and clothing with seems that rub in areas prone to chafing. It’s highly doubtful that the sweat pooling in your crotch has a chance to dry properly. Instead, it hangs out down there, keeping your groin area full of moisture and forming the perfect habitat for odor-causing bacteria and fungi. Ocean Lube is plant-based and contains no petroleum, so it does not react with neoprene or rubber and protects your wetsuit/drysuit just as well as it protects your skin. When you feel some burning pain or redness on your skin, that means chafing is beginning to occur. If possible, use warm or cool water to soothe your injured skin.

With beach blankets, sand can often be kicked onto the blanket and thus into your shorts. Even if you cut out your bathing suit lining little bits of sand can still get trapped in your trunks and rub against your skin. It won’t be as much but it’s still enough to cause some mild irritation. You also shouldn’t stay in wet clothes longer than you have to. Most beaches have showers scattered around the area that you can utilize.

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You want to be able to rinse away the ocean off of you and off your swim trunks, and have those swim trunks dry, while you wear a fresh dry pair of swim trunks. As your skin gets weaker and more sensitive, it also stays wet, starting to cause your skin to get a bit irritated. Then in comes, those man-made materials that swim trunks are made of.

Apply ointment of choice, or use a natural product like aloe vera, a vegetable oil, or CBD shea butter. Gently use unscented cleanser, then rinse with taping thighs water. There are many simple and soothing ointment options, such as Vaseline or A&D. Even baby’s diaper rash creams have worked well for some.