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FLFA-1000 Thermowind TW1000 WaterLess Wood Outdoor Burner Furnace Forced HOT Air

When ordering these furnaces, you may have to pay extra for additional parts and shipping. As with almost everything, pros and cons exist in having an indoor wood-burning furnace. Indoor wood-burning furnaces are 70 to 80 percent efficient, but outdoor ones are about 50 to 60 percent. Therefore, indoor furnaces burn better and produce less smoke. Outdoor furnaces are usually larger than indoor models, and they can hold larger lengths of wood that you don’t have to split into smaller pieces. Since little cleanup is required, they also are low maintenance.

These wood furnaces feature fireboxes that are 3/8” thick. The water jacket bottom is also 3/8” thick with the sides and top being 3/16”. They have a flat cast grate and each furnace is pre wired with only one connection to a power supply necessary, making them basically plug and play. Each comes with; lock down vault assembly door latch, two 1” supply and two 1” return nipples. Also includes a water level sight gauge and a digital thermostat to control the combustion blower.

The heated water in the water jacket is continuously pumped to your home or building 24 hours per day. The water is pumped through well-insulated pipes which are buried about two feet underground between the outdoor furnace and your building. The water is pumped in a continuous loop – from the outdoor furnace through the underground pipe to the house where heat is exchanged, and then back to the furnace. Additional pumps can be added to provide heat to other buildings.

The prices listed for all Earth Outdoor Furnaces, accessories, parts and installation materials do not include shipping whether purchased directly from the factory or through a dealer. Shipping is an additional cost over and above the cost minecraft wood floor of the furnace, installation, parts and accessories. We also offer a Forced Air model, the Bear Cub 305-FA. Like the Bear Cub 305, this model would apply to smaller homes, shops, mobiles and trailers and uses forced air to warm spaces.

Your existing thermostat is set at a low temperature as a backup so you do not burn any gas or heating fuel. A new thermostat is installed that is set at a nice warm temperature, and this thermostat controls the blower fan only on your existing furnace. Outdoor wood boilers are a topic of environmental controversy.

They have cast iron shaker grates and are designed to burn coal or wood. Each furnace is pre wired with only one connection to a power supply and one connection to your home thermostat necessary, making them basically plug and play simple. Indoor forced air wood-burning furnaces have blowers that circulate the air, which makes them more efficient in warming larger areas. Without a blower, the heat would move to an area around the ceiling, where it would probably linger. If you opt for an add-on wood furnace, it likely will be installed next to your home’s furnace.

An outdoor wood-burning furnace rarely creates a fire hazard. Need the best outside wood heating boilers and furnaces to keep your home warm? Our classic and efficient top-loading models will be your best choice.