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Enhance Your Home with Wall Wood Slats: A Guide and Design Inspiration

Position it vertically with the laser level’s plumb feature or with a bubble level. Slat walls can be constructed in a vertical or horizontal format. The materials needed and steps to construct the wall are the same, with the only difference being in the length and position of the slats. The color of the wall behind the slats plays an important role because this is the background for the slats. You may want to choose a dark background, such as matte-black, for a dramatic, modern look. Thin slats, black walnut and ash, 3/4” x 1” x 18”, 10 pieces total.

Continue reading if you’re on the fence about getting one. Wooden slat walls in the living room are becoming quite popular. Such a decoration is easy to install, and at the same time, it’s highly universal – an excellent addition to various designs.

EXPLOIT OPTICAL ILLUSIONS As a general rule, running planks vertically adds height visually, while horizontal boards can make small rooms look more expansive. “But it also depends on how you enter the room and what is in your line of sight,” says Massachusetts-based designer Jonathan Raith. That means a typical hallway can look extra-long when lined in horizontal planking.

Our commercial millwork services involve the custom design and fabrication of solid slat walls for commercial or industrial use. While geometric slats have been running a bit wild lately , vertical slat walls are timeless because of their simplicity and minimalist design. Straight lines are pleasing to the eye, and wood carving pipe compliment nearly any aesthetic without being overpowering or overwhelming. This is what has led to the resurgence of this look around the world, from Japan, to Scandinavia, and finally to North America. Wall wood slats have been popular for a few years, but they’ve recently taken off as an interior design trend.

Avoid large drips on the back that will harden and prevent the slats from laying flat against the wall. Vertical slat walls give the illusion that the walls and ceilings are taller than they really are. Horizontal slat walls tend to make a room look spacious and are a good option for smaller rooms or hallways. While softwood strips are inexpensive, the slat wall can still be expensive when you need to buy 100 or 200 strips. Hardwood strips are three times more expensive than softwood but require less finishing work. To cover an 8-foot stretch of wall with a 3/4-inch space between boards would require 48 strips.

You can find solid-wood tongue-and-groove or shiplap boards in a range of species, from budget-friendly pine and poplar to pricier woods like redwood, cedar, and cypress. Since wood expands and contracts over time, it’s critical that it is given room to move during installation. It may be heavier than manufactured products, so it needs proper fastening and likely another pair of hands to install.

In this space designed by Leanne Ford, the black wood slats surround the retired built-in fireplace to create the focal point that this contemporary living room deserves. While the feature is undoubtedly bold, it contrasts perfectly with the white walls and the jute rug to complete the contemporary look of the space. A decorative false ceiling made of solid wood slats can completely transform the appearance of a room. Wood slats convey order and serenity and are a warm, elegant material. Incorporating wood slats into a decoratively wasted space, such as a room’s ceiling, enhances it aesthetically without sacrificing any other element.