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Map Overview Radler beer is a Blend of 2 lager beers and a Lemon Soda we make in small batches. We only use all natural lemon and lime extracts and no artificial sweeteners. A perfect German mac utility homebrew finally gets m1 style shandy for all of your summer traditions. ANNUAL PRODUCTION Unknown DO YOU WORK FOR THIS BREWERY? Temporary COVID-19 Update This brewery has not provided an update on their status.

The brewmaster, Kevin Rodger, oversees the brewery operation. In the early 2000s the Hartz building underwent a complete renovation by Kraemer Design Group with the Detroit Beer Co. in mind; the building also has mixed-use functions. The Kraemer Design Group planned a brewery and pub in the basement, first and second floor, loft offices on the third, fourth and fifth, and finally a loft apartment on the sixth floor. While the renovations updated the building to fit the current surrounding locale, the historic character of the building was preserved and it is being considered for a listing on the National Register of Historic places.

Atwater’s menu includes a variety of appetizers to share, sandwiches, pizzas and more. This brewery also sells wine and spirits, including vodka, gin and bourbon. Besides its extensive beer menu, distilled spirits and wine are also available for non-beer drinkers.

Motor City Brewing Works is committed to producing handcrafted superior quality beer and also offers the very popular brick-oven pizzas and more. Craft.,” Eastern Market Brewing Co. opened its doors in 2016 in order to create classics, as well as original beers with local flavor that only the freshest Eastern Market ingredients can provide. Even though Detroit is known for being the Motor City, at one time Michigan had more production breweries than anyone in the country. Luckily, many cities in metro Detroit are still working towards that brewtiful goal.

Its mascot, the Nain Rouge (French for “Red Dwarf”) has been known as the mythical demon responsible for all of the hardships that have befallen the city of Detroit over the decades. The brew was given its namesake for the “devilish” hops flavor balanced by a red malty undertone, each characteristic of a German Alt-style beer. The Detroit Beer Co. was launched by Drew Ciora and Mike Pelsz, who purchased and renovated the historical Hartz building at a cost of $5.3 million. Award-winning, Detroit-brewed beer and delicious brick-oven pizzas combine at Detroit Beer Company to fill your stomach in the most awesome way possible. CJ’s offers a wide variety of delicious and creative beer, as well as “friendly dishes made with the freshest ingredients.” It’s a family-friendly restaurant and does have quite a few HD TVs, best known for playing The Big Ten Network.

Our menu features a broad selection of eclectic American cuisine from delectable appetizers and fresh salads, to pizzas and pastas, to delicious entrees and unique sandwiches. There’s something for everyone with a kids menu also available. A wide selection of handcrafted brews are made fresh on site and our head brewer works constantly to brew specialty &/or seasonal brews for everyone to enjoy. Detroit Beer Co. has an extensive selection of award winning ales and lagers that are brewed on-site. The brewhouse was constructed to fit the space requirements of the historic Hartz building; the basement houses four fermentation tanks. The design of the brewhouse, along with the sophisticated beer delivery system, permits the brewery to offer up to 8 house beers on tap at any time.

Rochester Mills Beer Co. opened its doors in 1998 and continues offering its wide selection of handcrafted Lagers and Ales for Rochester residents and guests. Additionally, visitors can choose from a delicious food menu (that’s kid-friendly), play pool, hang out on the outdoor patio and/or enjoy live entertainment. Corktown’s Brew Detroit is one of Michigan’s largest breweries and has a tasting room that features 10 constantly-rotating taps, brewed on a two-barrel system. For tour information, as well as what’s on tap, visit Brew Detroit’s Facebook page. The mission of this brewery is to “produce beer so very good that it changes the very nature of the industry.” At Dragonmead, visitors can enjoy over 40 different beer styles, made-in-house wine and mead and/or great food. Located in the historic Rivertown district, Atwater Brewery’s Detroit Tap House opened in 1997 and succeeded in its plan of making traditional German-style lagers along with unique boutique ales.

The Detroit Beer Co. occupies the first two floors of the restored Hartz Building on Broadway in downtown Detroit across from the Detroit Opera House. The historic setting, combined with state-of-the-art brewing technology and 21st century finishes, provides a unique dining experience. Seating is available on both floors and can be reserved for special events.

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