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Cast Iron FRP Garden Benches Cast Iron Heavy Bench Wholesaler from Navi Mumbai

This also gives you two levels of protection from our famous Tallahassee weather. The added benefit is that cedar and redwood are termite resistant, making them ideal for areas where this white farmhouse with wood shutters type of wood-destroying insect is prevalent. Fence-All only installs privacy slats on new chain link fences. Check out these slat fences to get an idea of material options for your fence.

These gates use a composite material that gives the appearance of wood, yet is much more durable and is maintenance free. Or slat fences can use other types of slat materials like composite planks, painted metal slats, galvanized metal slats, or aluminum. Plus, each estimate can be adjusted or modified to meet your specific needs and budget.

You simply slide the slats into place from top to bottom. If you use slat material that does not absorb moisture, you’ll have less problems with warping. Then, it’s recommended that you stain or paint the wood. Also, sealing the ends of each plank can help prevent moisture from leaching out too quickly. You should avoid pressure-treated pine or softer woods, as they are more prone to warping. First, try to select a wood species that has some warp resistance, like cedar or redwood.

The next step is the application of wood adhesive/glue on both sides, i.e., the top side and the bottom side of the metal parts. Usually, these adhesives come in a tube-like container with a nozzle for applying glue on metal fencing. Ensure to use minimum quantity and not to apply too much so that adhesive oozes out when wood slats are attached over it.

The most common way to attach wood to an existing wrought iron fence is to use brackets. Brackets are easy to install and come in different sizes. They are also available in different shapes such as square, oval, or rectangular. Wrought iron fencing is known for its rustic beauty, but all metal fades and becomes eroded over time. This is particularly true of wrought iron fences because they are exposed to the elements more than wood fencing, which typically doesn’t experience decay at the same rate as wrought iron.