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Black photo frame in trendy burned wood look

Get tons of picture frame ideas using a variety of craft supplies! Learn how to make these cool projects on a budget – plus all of them are great for beginners. Many times I don’t do anything to prepare my photo frames for crafting.

Not only will this help smooth out the color, but it accomplishes two other things. The area close to the white charcoal line is becoming paler scad acceptance rate in color than the upper edge of the frame, so we are creating the highlight. Have you ever noticed the wooden laser cut frames at Michaels?

For the finishing touches, I picked up some bell ornaments, wood Christmas tags, and red twine from Michael’s to wrap up my handmade gift. And when I tested the nail polish, I loved how it gave an enameled look. Maybe I’ll make a “don’t try this” post with all my flops, someday. I haven’t done this because I hate painting, and I’m not sure if my brush skills are good enough to keep a crisp edge. If I were to brush them on, I’d use a thicker paint like acrylic that is unlikely to bleed.

Keep in mind you can burn across the entire board during each step. It is just my personal preference to work in small sections at a time. My metal straightedge wasn’t long enough for the board I’m working with, so I repositioned it to cover the last part of the line. I am pushing the blade up against the edge of the metal to help ensure it follows the pencil line. Then use a knife with a sharp blade and cut along the pencil line using the metal straightedge as a guide. Yes, the straightedge needs to be metal, but one of those cheap wood rules that has an inset metal edge would work.

Always burn so that you are pulling the pen tip downward. It didn’t look quite “done” so I decided to add a stain to it. Good job.Its really wonderful post.I am particularly impressed that oval shape of photo frame. I am retiring soon and I am looking forward to making all of these projects. I will have time but little money so these gifts will be a hit without my budget taking a hit. We’ve done a lot of crafts with magazines around here – and this is yet another one.

Plus, the reburning and slightly overlapping the burn strokes is what creates the ultra-smooth looking burn results on my board. To create a polka-dot effect, use the standard round attachment that comes with your wood burning kit. You can freehand your design or draw out a pattern with a pencil before going over each pencil mark with the tip of your wood burner.

Make them using hardware store materials – it’s really easy and makes the perfect photo display. These photo frame decoration ideas are perfect for beginners! Make a gift or unique home decor with these 40+ picture frame ideas.

This article will be examining 11 wood burning ideas to create this holiday for gifts that will last a lifetime. Take a look at this quick video for a full tutorial and to watch the wood-burning magic happen! Then, you can refer to the step by step instructions and photos below for guidance as you create your own project. You can easily decorate a picture frame using wood shapes! The polka dotting above is achieved with patterned scrapbook paper and Mod Podge. I love the addition of the photos to the corners with teenie tiny clothespins.

I have a dark line showing up in my highlight area. I’m not 100% sure what I was doing wrong to make this happen. It might have been a bad spot on the board, but my guess is that I was doing something that caused it.

This DIY picture frame uses one piece of scrapbook paper and some Mod Podge for the main pattern, then a wood laser cut piece layered on top. You’re going to use Mod Podge and squares from your favorite comic books for this DIY photo frame! If the idea of cutting up comic books doesn’t work for you, use color copies for the task.