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Barrel Master Whiskey Aging Kit

Now, loving whiskey isn’t limited to a transaction. With this Barrel-less Aging Kit, you can add your own personal touch to your next bottle of whiskey from the comfort of your own home. First – you’ll need to give the tap a good old whack to ‘seat’ it in the barrel.

Add the wood chips to a clear distilled corn spirit and in 3-7 days you’ll have bourbon with a flavor to your taste. The kit is also great for other spirits that could gain a crushed as grapes crossword little more dimension from a touch of oak, such as blanco tequila, white rum, and even gin. You’ll be surprised how it brings a whole new depth to your favorite cocktails .

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Each kit includes 2 bottles of unaged spirits, 2 liter home aging barrel, barrel stand, and aging instructions. Enjoy great tasting homemade orange brandy in weeks, not years! Make Your Own SpiritsEnjoy up to 70 % savings with homemade Orange… And what really is the best part – there is a possibility that you’ll mature good whiskey yourself.