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9,548,071 Wood Stock Photos Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

Top view of vintage wooden table with cracks. Brown rustic rough timber for backdrop. Surface of old knotted wood with natural color, texture and pattern. If you’re looking for a classy way to decorate a wooden vase that doesn’t involve paint or using wood stain, then photo transfers are a great alternative. Not only will sealed images last the lifetime of the object but they tend to give it a distinct aged look and only get better with time.

This method works best on images that have been printed on paper, but feel free to give it a shot with conventional photographs too. Like you did in the previous methods, ensure that your photo is inverted if it has any text on it, so that your words aren’t transferred all back to front. Next, resize your image to fit your workpiece and cut it out so it’s a bit easier to manage.

Black and white photos look great with this technique since there’s a rustic vibe, however, you can use color photos as well. A close-up view of the texture of a wooden table. The table is made from light-colored wood and has some dark spots on the left and right sides. There is also a dark spot in the middle of the table toward the bottom.

You can find lots of blank, wood pieces in an arts and crafts store. You only need to sand the wood if the surface isn’t already smooth. Sand rough wood until it feels smooth, then dust off the wood dust so it doesn’t get stuck in circular wooden picnic tables the mod podge. Alternatively, you can seal the transferred image with clear, acrylic sealer. Apply a thick coat of your chosen Mod Podge to the front of the picture. You can use a wide, flat paintbrush or foam brush to do this.

Allow the picture to dry, then soak the back with a damp cloth. Allow the picture and wood to dry for 24 hours first. Once it is dry, cover the back of the picture with a damp rag. You are ready for the next step once the paper becomes wet; this will take about 5 minutes. Let the first coat of acrylic paint dry before applying the next one.

If you use a Mod Podged piece before it has finished curing, the surface may turn sticky and tacky. Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the wooden piece. Extend the paint onto the front of the board. This way, if you accidentally cut the photo too small, you won’t see any raw wood. Have your favorite Photo from any occasion engraved on this plywood plaque. This is a perfect gift to give or for…

Print your image directly onto a wood plaque. You will love the unique look of this product.

Get 10 Free Images from We partnered with Shutterstock to give you a free 30-day trial. These free photos are CC0 licensed, so you can use them in both your personal or commercial projects without attribution. Place a damp cloth down onto the back of the photo for several minutes. Make sure to keep a damp rag nearby to clean up any oozy extra transfer medium as when it dries it dries pretty hard and it tough to get rid of. 101 Pictures is the first english language retrospective of Wood’s work, casting light on his 25 year long testament to the people of Merseyside. It includes previously unseen photographs, alongside major works such as the infamous nightclub series, Looking for Love, and from his seminal Photie Man publication.

Most wood objects from the craft store will already have a smooth surface, but they may have jagged edges. Sand those smooth with medium to fine-grit sandpaper. Work your way with the grain, not against it. A group of five boards are arranged horizontally across the image. They have faded, flaking white paint across them, and there are gaps between each board.