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27 Bathroom wood effect floor ideas tile bathroom, bathroom design, bathrooms remodel

Any wood look tile that can withstand a moist environment will perform well on the shower wall, but the floor is a different story. Beauty and function combine in wood-look ceramic tile, with gorgeous Encino wood looks like this and water, fade, stain, and scratch resistance to keep them looking like new. You won’t be disappointed with the tile sizes and shapes we have on offer, either. We have plenty of dimensions to choose from, with tiles that replicate large, singular floorboards as well as designs that featuretiles with an eclectic patchwork with a distressed finish. As our wide range of tiles expertly mimics a huge range of timber and wood stains, you’ll find endless styling possibilities, meaning you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Almost everything we’ve seen so far of wood tile in the shower has been laid horizontally. But that doesn’t mean you can’t lay your wood pattern into the woods meme vertically. What might have been rather boring and cliche will turn interesting and modern, just because your pattern goes an unexpected way.

Wooden tiles can also add to your mental health as they release happiness hormones, according to various studies. Wooden planks that are very popularly used in modern and trendy house decor. Monochrome always looks cool and this 2LG Studios bathroom is no exception.

For example, the company reduces its waste and wants to optimise its energy consumption. This ecological commitment also applies to products and raw materials. For example, the production of wood effect tiles does not require the use of trees, except for the creation of the prototype, which is quite a low quantity. Ceramic parquet tiles are perfectly compatible with floor heating. Ceramic parquet tiles perfectly resist to flames and are not combustible; there is no risk of darkening due to the contact with hot objects.

Thus, grey wood effect tiles lighten and refresh your room where an atmosphere of rest and comfort reigns. On the other hand, for a more authentic look with more character, dark colours or antique aspects are to be preferred. Your space will be even more unique and these wood look tiles are true witnesses of the passing of time.